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Cameras And Photographers Are Everywhere

A camera used to be something that you had to buy as a distinct item and was intended to be used by a photographer.
Now you get a camera when you buy a cell or smart phone.
Since most everyone has a cell-smart phone, everyone has a camera and if  everyone uses the  camera on their phone, then […]

Business Of Photography – For Love Or Money

Why not both?
If you want to make money being a professional photographer you’ve got to make your photography a business.
It’s your love for photography that makes you a good photographer.
But do you love photography enough to make it a business?
Amateur photographers say that they love photography too much to make it a business. I think that photographers who say […]

Three Sure-Fire Ways To Make Money With Your Camera

There are three sure-fire ways to make money with your camera.

Sell your camera.
Rent your camera to other photographers.
Become a professional photographer.

Click here if you want to become a professional photographer.

Did You See That?

You probably did.
But you probably didn’t see it in the same way that anyone else did.
When it comes to your photography, show how you see instead of what you see.
It’s how we see that makes us distinct as photographers.
Visit to see Sam’s photographs and to take a photography class.

Know Your Rights As A Photographer

An informational piece from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) about your rights as a photographer.
Here’s one from Bert P. Krages II, an attorney, that  you can download and carry with you.

A Photographer’s Raw Material, Continued

This is a follow up post to an earlier entry titled A Photographers Raw Material .
A photographer’s raw material is light. You can’t touch it with your hands. You can’t smell it with your nose. You can’t taste it with your tongue, You can’t hear it with your ears.
You can see light with your eyes and […]

The Worth of Your Work, aka “Content”, In The Digital Age.

The hypocrisy and greed of these corporations is astounding.


It’s what you really work with. Your camera records light. Without light you have nothing to photograph. As a photographer, you use your camera to record light.
As a photographer you should begin to see everything as a light source.
To be  more specific you should learn to observe light sources that illuminate, or transmit light, and light sources that reflect […]

Looking For Your Photographic “Style” ?

Trying to find your style is like a dog chasing its tail. You’re trying to catch something that you already have.
I think a good analogy is verbal communication. We speak with each other to communicate. We effectively get our points across without thinking of ,or trying to find, a ‘style’ of speaking.
Photography is visual communication. […]

It’s Impossible

It’s impossible  for any of us to be the one and only best photographer in the world.
Lee Friedlander, Helen Levitt, Harry Callahan, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier Bresson, Duane Michaels, Robert Frank, Amy Arbus; these are  some of the best  photographers in the world, but none of them are THE best.
What they are the best at is […]

Compositional Attitudes

I’ve been catching some flak about my attitude toward composition.
Some photographers believe that you should first learn and follow rules. I’m not one of those photographers, and I’m not alone.
There was a reply to Photographic Composition: Rules Versus Elements that prompted me to research what other photographers thought about rules of composition.
Here’s one  from a name you may recognize.
“There […]

Some Thoughts On Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is a part of exposure.
You can set your shutter speed to vary the amount of light that falls onto your light sensitive material of choice.

Longer/slower shutter speed = more exposure = brighter picture
Shorter/faster shutter speed = less exposure = darker picture

Sometimes when I give a review during my  photography classes, photographers get the shutter speeds […]

“I Want My Pictures To Look Like The Way Things Really Are”

If you were  in one of my photography classes and, while we were reviewing your work, you were to state that “I want my pictures to look like the way things really are”, I would ask “the way things really are to who?”
My question is meant to spur a conversation about seeing and perception.
While we may […]

Do You Hate Your Flash?

You’re not alone.
Many good photographers hate to use flash.
The flash is either too bright, or too dark, or looks too ‘flashy’.
Photographers usually avoid using flash because of their strong aversion to the “look of flash” or because they don’t understand how to use it…read more

Your Camera Owners Manual: The Lite Version Versus The Full Version

Many of the printed manuals manuals that come with todays cameras are an abbreviated version of the full manual.

Are You Taking Pictures Or Making Pictures?

The words we choose are important and they can change your mind when it comes to your photography.

Pen Is To Writer As Camera Is To Photographer

Although we’re working with a camera, we’re using the camera to record light much like a writer uses a pen to record their words.

Rules And Photography

Everybody seems to look for rules that will make their photography easier and better.

While rules may make your picture making easier, I don’t think rules make your photography better or help you to be a better photographer.

Don’t Believe Your Photography Teacher

Don’t believe what I, or any of your other teachers, tell you.

The Camera – It’s Only A Tool

I talk about the camera as doing three things and, in order to help photographers to begin to develop a thought process behind their pictures, these three things MUST be done in consciously by the photographer .

Good Cameras And Good Photographers

Are you more concerned about your equipment or more about your photography?
People don’t care about your camera, they care about your picture.
While you need a camera to make a photograph, you need to be a good photographer to make a good photograph.
Cameras don’t make good photographers or good pictures.
Good photographers can make a good picture with any camera.
Take A […]

The Company You Keep

Who you spend your time with influences your aspirations and struggles.
The aspirations and the struggles lead to change.
The changes are what you eventually become.
You should spend your time with people who demonstrate the  standards to which you aspire and who will support  your struggles.
Keep this in mind when spending time with photographers too.
Take a photography class

Street Photography And Modern Times

Good article from the The Observer about street photography.

Among others, some of the photographers who influenced me are mentioned.

Lee Friedlander, André Kertéz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand and Helen Levitt.

Do You Want to See More Things To Photograph?

Then look less.
Photography is more about seeing than looking.
Many photographers look for things to photograph instead of seeing things to photograph.
Looking is searching.
Seeing is discovering.
You don’t have look for things to photograph, everything is right in front of you.
All you have to do is see what is interesting about what is right in front of you and show […]


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