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The Intentional Photograph

The composition of your photograph should be filled with intent.
If you, or your camera, are picking exposure settings in a haphazard manner, or based solely on the amount of light that you are working with, the composition of your photograph is lacking the visual depth that can only come with intent.
Everything from the choice of your lens to the  the exposure […]

Do You Want to See More Things To Photograph?

Then look less.
Photography is more about seeing than looking.
Many photographers look for things to photograph instead of seeing things to photograph.
Looking is searching.
Seeing is discovering.
You don’t have look for things to photograph, everything is right in front of you.
All you have to do is see what is interesting about what is right in front of you and show […]

Making Photographs Or Editing Files

Do you spend your time making a photograph or editing files?
You make a photograph with your camera, you edit files with your computer.
Some photographers get the photograph completed in the camera.
Some photographers rely on photo editing software to complete their pictures.
Photographers that get the photograph completed in the camera rely on their understanding of photography to create their final […]

Expression And Composition

Expression is letting your thoughts or feelings be known.
Most of us use words to do this. As a photographer you’ve chosen to use a photograph.
Unless you’re working as a photojournalist, you can use your camera as a means of expression. Instead of words, you can let your thoughts, feelings and emotions be known by making a […]

Practice Photography Without A Camera

Next time you’re viewing a photograph try to imagine how the photographer made the picture.

Do you think that they used a large aperture or a small aperture?
How about a fast or slow shutter speed?
What about the ISO?
And the focal length lens?
What do you think the the white balance setting was?

Of course no one knows the […]

More Or Less

Photography is a thought process.
As a photographer you can think more or you can think less while creating your picture.
Put your camera in an automatic exposure mode and you think less.
Put your camera in a manual exposure mode and you think more.
You get out of your photography what you put into your photography. In this case more is more.
Make […]

Technical Mastery

Technical mastery is not enough.
While you can fill your photograph with technical mastery and dazzle your audience with your technical skills, without your heart and personal vision your photograph will always be empty.
Remember, technique  serves creativity. You need both.
Introduction To Photography 
Intermediate Photography


A histogram is a graph that gives you information about the tonality of your photograph. You should be able to display it when reviewing your pictures on your camera and in photo editing software.
The horizontal orientation of the histogram gives you information about brightness. The left part of the histogram represents dark tones, the right part of the histogram represents […]

Want To make Better Pictures? Be Aware

At the core of of what you do as a photographer there are three things that need to be done to make a photograph.

Meter – Measure the brightness of light.
Make an exposure – Allow a specific amount of light to fall onto light sensitive material.
Focus – Focus light onto light sensitive material.

The first two you […]

Camera Centric Vs. Light Centric

When you start to learn photography you also start to learn how to work your camera.
You get caught up in learning how to use your camera to create a photograph.
You pay attention to camera operation and equipment
At this point you are camera centric.
While it’s important be camera centric for a period of time, there comes a time when being camera centric […]

Drawing Inspiration-Duane Michals

Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who have inspired me. If possible, I’ve included a quote and a link to their work.“The best part of us is not what we see, it’s what we feel. We are what we feel. We are not what we look at . . .. We’re...

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Looking And Seeing

It’s disappointing to look for something and not find it.  On the other hand it’s exhilarating to see something that you weren’t expecting.
Looking for something means that you have an expectation to find something specific. If you don’t find what you’re looking for you may be disappointed.
Seeing means that you became aware of something from observation.  The specifics and expectations of […]

A Brief Conversation On Facebook

A student posted on Facebook that Amazon was picking up her book.
Me- Congratulations. Your work paid off.
Student- Thank you Sam…your class opened my eyes to what my camera was capable of!
Me- You’ve got it wrong. It’s what you are capable of doing through your camera.
Student – Your right…I forget I’m the one who tells the camera…what […]

Do You Really Need A Digital Photography Class?

If you learn the basics of photography, it doesn’t matter what type of camera you use. Film or digital, Nikon or Canon, as a photographer who has a good understanding of the basics photography, you’ll be able to create photographs with whatever camera is in your hands.

Basically, Your Flash…

Adds light to your photograph…
Reduces contrast…
Appears to freeze motion…
Is a light sources that can be mixed with available light in different proportions…
Can be made brighter or darker….
Will help you to be  a more versatile photographer…
Learn how to use your flash to make better pictures.

The Best Time Of Day To Make A Photograph

Some photographers say that there are certain times of day when it is best to make pictures because the light is better.
I’ll agree that the characteristics of light changes thorough out the day but I think that anytime of day is the best time to make  a picture. I think that no time of day provides better or worse light – just different light.
All types of […]

Communicating With Ease

For photographers the camera is a tool that is used to record light.
It’s what you use to visually communicate facts or opinions through a photograph.
In order  to be an effective photographer and visual communicator It is important that you feel at ease with using whatever camera you choose to use.
You should be as comfortable communicating through your camera as you are […]

Flash Photography And the Law

Did you know that there is a law that we should be aware of when we use our flash?

This law applies to ALL flashes; the pop up flash on your camera and the, usually more powerful, separate flash unit that works off of your hot-shoe.

If you don’t know about this law, it could seriously limit your ability to create a photograph.

How To Judge Yourself As A Photographer

Make a photograph.
Does your photograph show HOW you see or WHAT you see?
If your photograph shows WHAT you see you’ve successfully made a photograph.
If your photograph shows HOW you see you’ve successfully made a photograph that no one else could have made.
Take a photography class with Sam D’Amico.

Your Camera…

Is a tool, for recording light. Your camera is a machine.
Your mind is what you use to create your photograph. Your mind is used in the creative process.
If you use your camera in an automatic exposure mode you are relying on a machine instead of your mind for the creative process.
A machine is not creative.
Use […]

Simplicity In Photography

Simplify your photography.
If you take the time to pay attention and visually simplify what you put in your viewfinder and simplify your process when creating photographs, your work will improve immensely.
The only things that belong in your photograph are what you consider to be the most important things, the only thing that you should include in your process […]

Losing Your (White) Balance

Light has color.
We describe the color of light in as having a specific color temperature. Color temperature is measured on the kelvin (K) scale and temperatures on this scale are called kelvins.
The white balance setting on your camera deals with the color of light and each of the icons that represent your white balance settings […]

Above Average Photographers Make Above Average Photographs

If you’re an average photographer, you’re making photographs in an average way.
The average way of making photographs consists of working in an automatic exposure mode.
An automatic exposure mode, since it picks your exposure settings for you, produces an average exposure and what follows is an average photograph.
An average photograph has been created because, beyond the […]

Cameras And Photographers Are Everywhere

A camera used to be something that you had to buy as a distinct item and was intended to be used by a photographer.
Now you get a camera when you buy a cell or smart phone.
Since most everyone has a cell-smart phone, everyone has a camera and if  everyone uses the  camera on their phone, then […]


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