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Finding Inspiration In The Ordinary

Not feeling inspired by the ordinary?
We tend to overlook the ordinary in search for  something extraordinary.
If you take a moment and look closer at the ordinary you will see something extraordinary.
When you see something extraordinary in the ordinary, photograph it.
The top of a traffic cone, a fork in a plate, a lightbulb in a lamp shade.
Try this with anything, it [...]

A Good Photograph Involves A Good Thought Process

A good question came up in a recent photography class. I’m paraphrasing here: “If you create photographs in a RAW file format, since a raw file holds no white balance or color space, why do you bother setting white balance or color space?”
I set color space just in case I decide to capture in a [...]

Taking Versus Making

When you work your camera in an automatic exposure mode you are taking  pictures.
In an automatic exposure mode your camera picks an aperture, a shutter speed and an ISO for you, so you TAKE what  you get as a photograph.
When you work your camera in fully manual exposure mode you are making  pictures.
In fully manual [...]

Focusing Something In Your Photograph And Focusing Your Attention

During the Introduction Photography class we talk about three things that we often do as photographers with our cameras to create a photograph.

Metering: Using a light meter in our camera to measure the brightness of light.
Making An Exposure: Controlling the amount of light that we allow to fall onto light sensitive material.
Focusing: Using our lens [...]

When You Make A Picture

When you make a picture in an auto exposure mode your camera will get you an average exposure based on whatever you are metering. Your picture may be  good enough in terms of exposure but is probably lacking in the very thing that takes a picture beyond good enough; you, the photographer, are what’s lacking.
When you make [...]

You Get What You Give

If you give your photography the thought process that involves working your camera in fully manual exposure mode you’ll get a photograph that is thoughtfully composed and reflects you, the photographer.
If you give your photography the thought process that involves an automatic exposure  mode you’ll get a photograph that lacks thoughtful composition and reflects your camera, a [...]

How Does A Camera Work?

Your camera primarily does three things to create a photograph
Your camera focuses light (This is really done with your lens).
Your camera measures light.
Your camera exposes light sensitive material to light.
That’s it!!
If you’ve been working your camera in an automatic exposure mode your camera has been doing these things for you.
If you want to create photographs that are [...]

Change Your Mind And Become A Nimble Photographer

While in the process of creating a photograph you may realize that you can’t get the picture that you visualize. After evaluating the light and considering the limitations of your equipment, you just can’t get the picture that you want.
You have a couple of choices. You can choose to not make a photograph or you can practice what I [...]

Make The Photograph Anyway

It seems that there are more reasons not to make pictures than to make them.
I didn’t make pictures because: it was too dark, it was raining, it was cloudy, it was the wrong time of day, I couldn’t find anything to photograph, I was uninspired, I didn’t have time, etc.
If you want to be a better photographer make the photograph [...]

Do You Think Your Camera Takes Good Pictures?

If cameras took good pictures, wouldn’t they be good pictures all of the time?

What Should We Pay to Improve Our Photography?

What do we need to pay to create GOOD photographs and yet cost us nothing out of our pockets?

What Are You Really Photographing?

Whether you are photograph people, landscapes, still lifes, or whatever else,  you are photographing light.
Everything you see is a source of  light.
The  source of light is either an illuminating light source or a reflecting light source.
It’s important to pay attention to an illuminating light source because a reflective light source  can not be seen without [...]

Photographic Composition: Rules Versus Elements

In the dictionary, some of  the  words that  are  used  to define  rules are:

What  is possible or allowable.
Control or dominion.
Normal or customary.

In the dictionary, some of  the  words that  are  used  to define  elements are:

The primary or  fundamental parts of  something.

To me, the words used to describe rules are  restrictive, limited and will lead  to pictures that are  ordinary while the words used to [...]

I’m Not Paying Attention To The Composition Of My Photograph

When we begin to learn about the craft of photography we may begin to think that that we are no longer paying attention to composition.
Instead of simply framing what we want  in our picture we’re now thinking about focusing, metering, exposure and more.
While attentively framing what we want in our photograph (content) is important, framing and the placement of content [...]

The Three Things You Mainly Do With Your Camera To Create A Photograph

As a photographer I think that  there are three things that you mainly do with your camera to create a photograph.
You focus light (focusing), you measure light (metering) and you let a specific amount of light fall onto light  sensitive  material (making an exposure).
If you’ve been working your camera in an automatic mode your camera has been doing all [...]

Your Photography, It’s All About You.

Your photograph should be all about what you want as a photographer, not about what you think someone else will like or not like and it is not about what your camera does in auto-mode.
If you’ve been making your pictures from the perspective of what someone will like or not like, then you probably haven’t been making pictures [...]

Am I A Stupid Or A Lazy Photographer?

I tried learning all I could about Photoshop. What I learned is that I don’t want to learn it. Too much with the curves and channels and layers and masks. For me, there’s too much to learn and I find it difficult.
Am I stupid or lazy?
Call me stupid for thinking this but, I don’t think any of [...]

“I Want My Pictures To Look Like The Way Things Really Are”

If you were  in one of my photography classes and, while we were reviewing your work, you were to state that “I want my pictures to look like the way things really are”, I would ask “the way things really are to who?”
My question is meant to spur a conversation about seeing and perception.
While we may [...]

Do You Use Your Camera Meter Thoughtfully?

Our meter allows us evaluate what we’re photographing, while our chosen exposure based on our metering allows us to get the visual information that we want in our picture.

Why Did You Do That?

All of these changes have a compositional outcome. If you are changing these things and not…

When Using Your Flash

There are primarily two things to consider.

The light coming from your flash.
The light coming from whatever you are photographing(your subject).

The light coming from your flash is an illuminating or transmitting light source.
The light coming from your subject is a reflective light source and is being illuminated by by whatever transmitting light source is available at the [...]

A Better Way Than Bracketing

Bracketing may be fine for static subjects, but if you are photographing things in flux, you’ve got one chance to get the right exposure.

Don’t Believe Your Photography Teacher

Don’t believe what I, or any of your other teachers, tell you.

Good Cameras And Good Photographers

Are you more concerned about your equipment or more about your photography?
People don’t care about your camera, they care about your picture.
While you need a camera to make a photograph, you need to be a good photographer to make a good photograph.
Cameras don’t make good photographers or good pictures.
Good photographers can make a good picture with any camera.
Take A [...]