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Rules And Photography

Everybody seems to look for rules that will make their photography easier and better.

While rules may make your picture making easier, I don’t think rules make your photography better or help you to be a better photographer.

Just You And Your Camera Are Enough

You: A thoughtful and creative being looking for a way to express itself.
A Camera: A tool that records light that can be used as a means of personal expression.
When you learn the craft of photography and learn to use the camera in manual exposure mode you have all you need to create expressive photographs.
Sure, you might need a flash [...]

DC Photo Classes – Lighting With Portable Flash Starting June 1, 2014

DC Photo Classes – Lighting With Portable Flash Starting June 1, 2014
You’ll learn….

How to get the “proper exposure” with your flash…
How to control the brightness of your flash…
How to mix flash with available light…
About the relationship between your aperture (f-stop), shutter speed, ISO and flash…
How to use flash to control contrast…
How to see your flash [...]

What You’ll Need For Your Flash Photography Class With Sam D’Amico

Sam teaches two classes that will help you to learn to incorporate the use of flash into your work.
Flash Photography Basics —>

A three hour, one meeting basic flash photography class that requires nothing more than the pop-up flash that’s already on your camera and a good understanding of the basics of photography and basic [...]

Try Thinking Of The Flash That You Use With Your Camera As Lighting With Lightning

Think of a flash of lightning.
Think of the way lightning appears when it’s nighttime.
Think of the way lightning appears during the day.
The brightness of the lightning is appearing with the brightness of either daytime or nighttime.
When does the lightning appear the brightest? Daytime or nighttime?
In the nighttime scenario, all you see is the lightning and [...]

Some Holiday Lighting Tips For the Photographer

Although VERY limited when it comes to modifying the characteristics of the light emitted, your pop-up flash is the gateway to inexpensively learn about basic flash operation and will prepare you for making a more informed decision/purchase if you decide to upgrade to a more powerful and versatile flash unit.

The Exposure Mode Dial On Your Camera

Your exposure mode dial is usually found on top of your camera and is usually filled with letters and icons that allow you to pick how you want to make an exposure.
On a lot of cameras there are a lot of exposure modes to pick from.
Here are a few modes that I’m familiar with and [...]

Make The Photograph Anyway

It seems that there are more reasons not to make pictures than to make them.
I didn’t make pictures because: it was too dark, it was raining, it was cloudy, it was the wrong time of day, I couldn’t find anything to photograph, I was uninspired, I didn’t have time, etc.
If you want to be a better photographer make the photograph [...]

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A Roller-Skater With Pink Pants Lit With Flash In Fluorescent Light

A a thin legged roller-skater wearing pink pants and yellow socks is lit with flash while moving through a room lit with fluorescent lighting. (Sam D'Amico)
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Lighting With Portable Flash

[ April 2, 2014; 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. June 1, 2014; 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. September 6, 2014; 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. ] Through lecture and practice with their own cameras and flash units the participants in this workshop will learn the basics of flash operation and how to use the flash more creatively and effectively.

My Basic Flash Equipment

Many people who are interested in the Lighting With Portable Flash Workshop, who have yet to invest in a separate flash unit, ask me for advice on purchasing a flash.

Lighting With Portable Flash – Student Comments

Your opinion and candid comments are valued because they help me to make sure the class is as effective as possible.

Learn How To Use Your Flash – Photography Classes Washington DC

Sam D’Amico offers two flash photography classes in Washington DC that will help you to use flash more effectively and creatively.
Lighting With Portable Flash
If you own a separate flash unit this class is recommended.  Through lecture and practice with their own cameras and flash units the participants in this workshop will learn the basics of [...]