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In Photography, The Learning Never Stops

You’re either learning to improve your craft or you’re learning to improve your communication through craft.
There’s always room for improvement.
Improving your craft includes understanding HOW the exposure settings that you pick effect your picture.
Improving your communication through craft includes understanding WHY you pick the exposure settings that effect your picture.
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Learn To Use Your Flash And Become A More Versatile Photographer

There’s no doubt about it. When I learned to use my flash unit thoughtfully and effectively as a compositional element in my pictures, I became a more versatile photographer and was able to confidently produce a wider range of work.
Learning how to use my flash not only added another skill to my craft as a photographer it also […]

The Road To Creativity

The road to creativity can be be rough or smooth, think unpaved and paved.
If you were to get from point A to point B, an unpaved road would  provide a slow and uncertain journey while a smooth road would get you there faster and with confidence.
As a photographer, your pavement is the understanding and application of craft.
Understanding how […]

Washington DC Photography Classes – Beginners Should Begin Here

If you want to learn photography where should you begin?
In short, you should  learn to work your camera and you should learn the basics of photography.
To be more specific you should learn to work your camera in manual exposure mode.
Learning to work your camera in manual exposure mode accomplishes two things. First you learn basic […]

Don’t Hate Your Flash…Learn To Use It And Become A Better Photographer

Don’t hate your flash, learn to use it to make better pictures !!!


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