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Gift Certificates For The Photographer

Instead  of more camera gear, get the photographer in your life, (that could be you), a gift certificate for photography instruction so they can become a better photographer.
The photographer who receives the gift certificate could apply it toward any type of photography instruction that Sam D’Amico offers.
Click This Link To Buy A Gift Certificate!

Some Important Information About Your Payment To Sam DAmico

Information about your payment to Sam D’Amico
Please use the highlight menu, directly above, to choose the topic that best describes the reason for your payment and click on the link.
If You’ve Made A Payment For An Upcoming Class Read This:

How To Find The Best Place To Learn Photography In The Washington DC Area

There are a lot of places the teach photography in the Washington DC area, but remember, what makes the place worth going to is the quality of instruction that you’ll get.
It’s not so much about the place, it’s more about the teachers in the place.
Different teachers have different ways of teaching.
You should work with a […]

Photography Classes, Courses And Lessons – What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference between a photography class, a photography course and a photography lesson?
In my mind, as a teacher, a class is instruction based on a specific topic or goal. For example the Introduction To Photography class that I offer is intended to teach the participants how to work their camera while learning the basics […]

Photography Classes Washington DC – About The Sam D’Amico Photography Classes

Thank you for considering me in your search for photography instruction.
It doesn’t matter whether you use a film or digital camera. The camera is a tool that you use to create photographs.
During your photography class with me you’ll learn to use your camera and you’ll learn the skills that you need to use your camera […]

Individual Instruction And Private Tutoring – Student Comments

Your opinion and candid comments are valued because they help me to make sure that our time together was spent as effectively as possible.

An Overview Of Washington DC Photography Classes Courses And Lessons Offered By Sam DAmico

An Overview Of Photography Instruction Offered By Sam D’Amico

Questions To Ask Before You Invest In A Photography Class

Of course I hope that you’ll decide to explore your interest in photography by registering for my classes, however, I realize that there are a lot of choices available.

In order to help you make a more informed decision based on your particular needs, please take a moment to read through the following questions before you register for any workshop.

I hope the questions will assist you in selecting the right person or organization to work with.

Private Photography Lessons And Tutoring – Washington DC And Online

Private photography lessons and tutoring based on your specific goals.

Tutoring is available in Washington DC or can be done online.


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