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Adams Morgan Building Details At Night, Washington DC

Details of segments of different buildings, including part of the mural on Madam’s Organ Blues Bar And Soul Food Restaurant, illuminated by a variety of artificial lights at night, 2400 block of 18th Street NW, Adams Morgan, Washington DC. Located in the Northwest quadrant of the District of Columbia, the name Adams Morgan was not […]

An Usher Standing Inside The Nationals Park Baseball Stadium, Washington, DC

An usher standing inside the Nationals Park baseball stadium, Washington, DC. Located south of the Nations Capitol in the Southeast section of Washington, DC, the ballpark opened March 30, 2008 at a cost of over $611 million and seats 41,456. The ballpark became the first major stadium in the United States to receive accreditation as […]

Rainy Day In Columbia Heights, Washington DC

A red brick apartment building in the Columbia Heights section of Washington DC viewed through a rain covered window. The blue color cast is caused by a camera white balance setting that is lower than the color temperature of the rainy day. (Sam D’Amico)
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A High-rise View IntoThe Blue

The windows of a high-rise building, located in Bethesda, Maryland, reflecting the blue sky. (Sam D'Amico)
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Picture This:How Pictures Work. By Molly Bang

This is an excellent book that shows us visually, according to the author, “how and why structural elements affect our emotions. This is a ground for understanding and making visual art.”

Rooms 75 Cents, Pioneer Square Area Of Seattle Washington

An antique, landmark, neon sign hanging over an entrance to a building reads “State Hotel Rooms 75 Cents”, First Avenue , the Pioneer Square area of Seattle, Washington. The building on which the sign hangs is located between Yessler Street and South Main Street and was a former hotel and Gold Rush days brothel. (Sam […]


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